Tom Stamatakis, President

Tom Stamatakis joined the Vancouver Police Department in 1990. He began taking a more active role in the Vancouver Police Union (VPU) in April, 1997 when he was elected to the VPU board. He became the Vice-President in April, 1998, and the Acting President in November, 1999. In September, 2001, his position as VPU President became full time.

His leadership abilities have also been evident in national policing matters in his position as President of the Ottawa-based Canadian Police Association (CPA) since 2011.

Mr. Stamatakis is also the President of the British Columbia Police Association (BCPA). The BCPA is the province-wide voice for front line policing which replaces and had its roots in the B.C. Federation of Police Officers.

Mr. Stamatakis has taken specialized training and has been an instructor in a number of areas including control tactics, crisis negotiations, surveillance, firearms and crowd control.

He has served on a number of boards and is currently active on the "Odd Squad" Board. The Odd Squad creates high quality, reality-based documentaries designed to give youth the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse and to assist them in making rational choices about a wide range of social problems. He is also a member of the National Drug Prevention Advisory committee which advises the federal Minister of Health.