Welcome to the Vancouver Police Union website

We hope you will find the content both relevant and informative. Check the website often to see what our views and opinions are on the major policing issues affecting the City of Vancouver and our citizens. Through our affiliations with the British Columbia Police Association (BCPA) and the Canadian Police Association (CPA) we also keep up with policing issues that affect our members and the public provincially and nationally.

The Vancouver Police Union, representing the over 1,450 frontline police officers, jail guards and Special Constables of the Vancouver Police Department, is committed to protecting and promoting the interests of our members as they serve citizens in our community 24/7.

By doing so, we will create a safer community and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

- Tom Stamatakis, President

VPU Charitable Foundation

The Vancouver Police Union Charitable Foundation (VPUCF), a registered charitable organization and non-profit society, was established by the Vancouver Police Union in 1993 as a way for the Union's members to further serve the community through charitable works. The VPUCF mandate 'Helping to prevent child abuse and aiding its victims' focuses on an area of critical need in our community.…More…

B.C. Police Association


The British Columbia Police Association was launched on September 25, 2008. The mission of the BCPA is to act as the combined voice of front-line policing in British Columbia. The BCPA will offer guidance, research and communications support on both contract and other issues relevant and important to police officers in British Columbia.Visit The BCPA…

Canadian Police Assn

The Canadian Police Association (CPA) is the national voice for 57,000 police personnel across Canada.… Visit The CPA …